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Employment Screening Services
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Credit Check

The Employment Credit report is exactly what it says--an employment-related credit history report. This particular report can be used for employment purposes only, and protects the privacy and security of the applicant by eliminating account numbers of credit cards and other credit accounts. The Employment Credit report is an extremely useful instrument for a number of reasons.

  • First, the Employment Credit Report provides the applicantsâ�� credit history.
  • Second, the Employment Credit report may reveal the names of employers that have not been disclosed by the applicant, thus increasing the effectiveness of the Employment Verification.
  • Third, it provides a residence history and other names that may have been associated with the Social Security number being searched. This is valuable information when doing a Background Checkâ��names and counties of residence may be exposed that the applicant deliberately or inadvertently concealed.
  • Fourth, Employment Credit Reports often yield information about your candidates' Civil Litigation history.
  • Finally, the Employment Credit report may indicate that the Social Security number being searched is being used by more than one person or that your candidate has more than one Social Security Number associated with his or her credit record, indicating the need for further research.